Ice cream can do no wrong, even when it results in a temporary brain freeze. You forgive it because, no matter what kind of day you are having, it is always there for you; Each velvety mound, of every kind of decadent flavor, is scooped to utter perfection and worth it. Idea Design Studio knows it, and so does upcoming inventor, Zachary Moody.

One day, Zachary was standing in his kitchen, dreaming of all the sinful things he was going to do to his bowl of ice cream when,

 “One idea led to another and boom, there it was.” He had an idea to invent a delicious possibility.

Since his sweet epiphany, Mr. Moody has been working closely with Idea Design Studio on making his dreams a reality. He believes this is the gateway opportunity for himself, adding that,

“This is an outstanding, revolutionary product that the whole world can enjoy. Given the right resources, I can help change this world for the better, each and every day.”

He hopes to  “Make many positive impacts around the world” and plans to start, one bowl at a time.

Idea Design Studio is so much more than a company of designers; they are a combination of hard-working experts ready to help inventors achieve their goals.  With the assistance of an experienced, professional team, those with marketable, useful inventions can turn a concept into a money-making business. There is never a good reason to let a good idea die on the start. The experts at Idea Design Studio understand how to help original inventors turn dreams into financial success. The Idea Design Studio team has a solid reputation for helping inventors bring their ideas into the retail arena.

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