“Everyone is born with an instinct of success, and ability to make it, but only the ones who think out of the box succeed.” ― Unarine Ramaru

All great inventors have certain traits in common; Two of them being, persistence and individuality. They go full force after their goals, while staying true to their personal motivations.

Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor company, was quoted as saying “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Instead of listening to the naysayers, he trusted his instincts and went on to create a multi-billion dollar business.

At Idea Design Studio, we have an upcoming inventor, William Willis, who similarly has never allowed anything, or anyone, to hold him back. He says enthusiastically,

 “My motto is, dare to be different.”

Adding that,

 “I have always liked to think outside of the box. If I was told that it was something

I could not do, my answer would be it is something that you cannot do but, I won’t say that until I try.”

In the early 1990’s, Willis says he was considered to be one of the best poets of his era. Now, he is determined to be the next big inventor also. Because of his natural curiosity and his ability to problem solve, when he happened upon on a unique idea for an invention, he knew he had to go after it. He is currently collaborating with Idea Design Studio, as well as a professional artist, on turning his dream into a reality.

Idea Design Studio helps inventors bring their idea to the market. Idea Design Studio is a 100% confidential invention support firm that helps inventors in the process to bring their new product to market for selling or licensing. For over ten years, innovators and inventors have brought their original ideas to our creative team. If you have an idea, contact us today and find out how to make your idea come to life.

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