Idea Design StudioIdea Design Studio is pleased to announce that it has been selected to appear on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland®, a global television series hosted by business mogul Kathy Ireland.

The story will focus on how Idea Design Studio has risen to become the go to company for bringing the ideas of inventors into their reality by offering our customized services unique to each design, by employing some of the best marketers, designers, and developers in the industry to help turn these ideas into worldwide sensations.

In this exclusive interview, Co-Founders, Marvin Powell III and Jeff Weiss, will discuss what challenges exist in the industry world, and how Idea Design Studio is poised to address them. The show will provide an in-depth look at how Miami based, Idea Design Studio has risen to the top of its field.

“We Make Dreams Come True.  If you dream it, we can make it!” says Powell. “These words have been our tagline, the inspiration for Idea Design Studio, and what has made us one of the foremost experts on marketing and developing ideas.”

Since 2006, Idea Design Studio has been an essential part of the creation and branding of a multitude of different inventions and ideas featured all across the internet. Idea Design Studio prides themselves on being there for every step of the creative process while including the inventor or business and taking the time to see each vision come to fruition. Featuring everything from 3D models for inventors created by world-class graphic designers, physical and/or virtual prototypes of the highest quality, as well as website, branding, and marketing from industry professionals, Idea Design Studio is changing the game when it comes to taking dreams of inventors and businesses and bringing them into reality.

“The combination of innovation and entrepreneurial marketing made for a perfect fit between Idea Design Studio and Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland®, “ added Weiss. “Kathy Ireland has made a name for herself as not only an incredibly successful model but also as the chair and CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide® (kiWW®), which, according to Forbes Magazine, is “a design empire which grosses over 1.9 billion dollars annually in retail sales.”

With a combined potential reach of more than 278 million households,  the Idea Design Studio feature story is slated to air on Fox News Network 9 ( as sponsored programming ) and Bloomberg International TV,  two of the most prominent cable television networks.

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