Idea Design Studio is constantly on the lookout for new inventions and ideas, and one that has caught our eye is Superscreen, created by Transcendent Designs. Imagine being able to take what’s being displayed on your phone, say watching a move or reading a book, and moving it to a tablet without any drop in resolution. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that is where Superscreen comes in, and is taking the phone and tablet world by storm.


Presenting your phone up to four times larger, Superscreen can send your content wirelessly in full high-definition, leaving nothing blurry or chopped off. The technology can send data to your Superscreen tablet from up to one hundred feet away, and can do it faster than wi-fi. It saves you the time of having to go and find the content that you are looking for, and instead lets you view it quickly and easily.

Using social media, browsing the internet, and watching videos have never been easier than with Superscreen. Simply purchase the Superscreen tablet from their Kickstarter, download the app, sync your phone with the Superscreen, and you will be viewing content in no time.  Superscreen does all the work of a regular tablet, at a fraction of the costs. In addition, you don’t have to deal with any pesky monthly data contracts, as Superscreen uses your phone data without taking it way up.

Giving you a 10.1-inch screen as well as 2 cameras lets you communicate with family and friends using video chat and an 88db speaker creates crystal clear sound that you will love. Superscreen does everything that your phone does, only larger!

Idea Design Studio salutes Transcendent Designs for their awesome creation. Idea Design Studio has been at the forefront of inventions, design, and marketing for the past decade. For more information about Idea Design Studio, check out “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland”, premiering in 2017 on Fox News Network 9 and Bloomberg International TV.

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