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Thomas Edison, perhaps the most famous inventor in American history, was also a full-fledged collaborator. He didn’t like to work alone, and he started early working with other people, specifically looking for partners who had access to materials he needed to create and commercialize his prototype. Throughout his lifetime he founded General Electric and more than 200 domestic and international companies with the main idea of bringing people together to work as a team. Idea Design Studio offers some ways to manage team collaboration.

     Establish Capacity – Identify a small group of two to eight with people of differing experiences and perspectives. Gather them together with the intention of brainstorming. Typically, when collaborating with clients, companies like to include representation of the key areas of the company, such as Human Relations, Marketing, and Operations.

     Set Context – This two-step approach starts with individual work, where each person questions assumptions and conducts initial analysis to create insight, without reaching conclusions. After that, the group meets together to share their insights, experiment with the broad range of solutions, and develop prototypes, either physical or narrative in style.

     Maintain Coherence – Teams get distracted at some point throughout the collaborative process and begin to lose momentum. The key to keep them on track is to inspire with a shared purpose and measure the progress towards that vision. Idea Design Studio knows that feedback is crucial to this process. Reflect back on what has been accomplished and summarize it for the team. This is a tried and true way to keep them engaged and motivated.

     Manage Complexity – Ideas are often inconsistent with logic and beliefs, so the challenge now becomes how to manage the converting of the idea into reality. Start with influencing your team so the idea catches on, then network in a broader organization to get people on board, and finaly build a collection of data, documents, and pictures that can serve as a record of your team’s work. It’s nice for them to see the progression of the ideas.

Edison was successful because he listened to other people. When Bell was working on technology that would make Edison’s outdated, he worked with others to leapfrog Bell’s idea and continue to be an industry leader.

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