Idea Design Studio encourages all those with a great idea to pursue it, keeping at it until your dream is fulfilled. When your idea is ready for a prototype, there are several options. Idea Design Studio explains the following options:

Visual Prototype – When discussing how to manufacture a new product, inventors usually start with a visual prototype. This design helps showcase the dimensions and shape of the product without all of the working parts. The material used is also usually not the final material of the designed. Basic, simple materials are used to show the general idea, not the complex inner workings. Sometimes the raw materials are painted to show a more realistic representation, and other times they are left bare.

Proof-of-concept Prototype – When the functionality is being showcased, this type of prototype is used to give a demonstration of the core. The technical aspects are the main player in the proof-of-concept prototype. It is not usually visually appealing or even similar to the final product as the idea is to show the working parts, not the aesthetic appeal. Cheaper or off-cast materials are used here, to save money. Very rarely will production grade materials be used here.

Presentation prototype – When the visual appearance has been decided on and the inner workings are set, then the presentation prototype is built. It is meant to show the overall design as it will appear after manufacturing. The materials used are often a mix of production grade and off-the-shelf to balance cost and design quality. Product viability can be shown to clients or investors before mass production using this prototype.

Idea Design Studio is ready to take your idea and transform it into a product. From prototypes to patents, the team at Idea Design Studio is ready to help you achieve your goals.

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