It is International Women’s Month, and Idea Design Studio is looking at women that have made a difference in the entrepreneurial and invention fields. Idea Design Studio is one of the fastest growing patent designs companies in the world, and they take a lot of pride in past inventors. Today, we take a look at the creator of one of perhaps the most famous toy of the 20th century, and president of the biggest toy company In the world. Idea Design Studio celebrates Ruth Handler.

Idea Design StudioRuth Handler was born to Polish-Jewish immigrants in Denver, in 1916. Marrying her high school boyfriend, Elliot, and moved to Los Angeles at the end of the thirties. Elliot and his business partner Harold “Matt” Matson founded Mattell, Inc. Named after combining both of their names, they started out as a picture frame company. They eventually moved to dollhouse furniture and became more successful.

Handler’s daughter, Barbara, was fond of playing with paper dolls and pretending they were adults. She thought that when children played with dolls, they imagined themselves in the future, not the present. Capitalizing on the limitations of paper dolls, she took inspiration from the German Bild Lilli dolls and designed the first “Barbie.” She got a patent for the new Barbie doll, much like the patent services that Idea Design Studio offers.

Debuting at the New York Toy Fair in 1959, Barbie was not an immediate commercial success. This all changed when Mattel showed the doll on The Mickey Mouse Club and created a massive advertisement campaign around the toy. The gamble paid off, and Barbie became an international phenomenon. Handler would eventually add a male doll to the set, Ken, named after her son.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1970, Handler founded Ruthon Corp. and manufactured a more realistic breast prosthesis. Although she passed away in 2002, her legacy lives on, as Barbie is still a viable part of American culture, a major success story, and Idea Design Studio celebrates her incredible achievements.

Idea Design Studio takes inspiration from these great women’s inventors and businesswomen, and as an Equal Pay company is doing their part to make the workplace equal ground for everyone. Idea Design Studio is committed to showing their appreciation for inventors of all genders and races, creating incredible products for the whole world to enjoy,  former NFL player Marvin Powell III, co-founder of Idea Design Studio, is an avid supporter of Women’s Rights.

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