Idea Design Studio is proud to announce that it has been selected to appear on “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland®,” an interview series hosted by business mogul and media sensation, Kathy Ireland.


“The combination of innovation and entrepreneurial marketing made for a perfect fit between Idea Design Studio and Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland®,” said co – founder of Idea Design Studio, Jeff Weiss. “Kathy Ireland has made a name for herself as not only an incredibly successful model but also as the chair and CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide® (kiWW®)” which according to Forbes Magazine, is “a design empire which grosses over 1.9 billion dollars annually in retail sales.”


The series will focus on the rise and accomplishments of the Miami-based company, known throughout the tech and invention industry for how they have turned so many inventors’ ideas into commercial success stories.


In the exclusive interviews, airing in 2017 on sponsored Fox News Network programming and Bloomberg International TV, Weiss and Marvin Powell III will go into detail on the challenges facing the patent and invention industry, and how Idea Design Studio is poised to meet and exceed them.


“We Make Dreams Come True. If you dream it, we can make it!” says Powell. “These words have been our tagline, the inspiration for Idea Design Studio, and what has made us one of the foremost experts on marketing and developing ideas.”


Founded in 2006, Idea Design Studio has become to go-to choice for inventors and business’ who are looking to turn their dreams and concepts into global brands. Utilizing some of the best graphic designers, marketers, and developers in the tech industry, Idea Design Studio has created numerous successful brands that can be seen all across the Internet and throughout social media. Using the latest in 3D printing, they have the ability to create physical and/or virtual prototypes of inventions and have packages that will give these designs the right marketing and little touches they need to stand out.


Idea Design Studio prides themselves on working with their clients throughout every step of the process. From the initial conference call over design choices, through the prototype stages, and ending with the successful unveiling of their 3D full-color project, Idea Design Studio includes the customer’s requests, and idea’s throughout. With such a personable business model, it is clear to see why so many clients have had such favorable experiences with Idea Design Studio.


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