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Do you have an invention or an idea about a new great product? Learn more about the process of patenting, protecting, advice, prototyping, and developing your idea to a final product. Idea Design Studio is a long established company and a leading expert in helping with new ideas and inventions.  With many years of experience, we have a team ready to accommodate your every need, from affordable patent protection and prototyping through to licensing your idea. If you have an idea for a new product, but don’t know what to do with it or how to go about taking it forward, call us today, and we will help you with your invention and guide you through the process to successfully bring your idea to life.

Our team will go the extra mile to understand each project and help your invention realize it’s potential.  For over ten years, inventors have brought us their original inventions, ideas, or improvements to existing products, and our staff has helped them realize their invention’s real potential. Idea Design Studio has only one goal, to get your new invention on the market! IDS helps people of all types; inventors, entrepreneurs, business owners, and especially individuals with a good idea. Our services include Patenting and Protecting, Technical and Design Advice, Product Marketing and much more.

Idea Design Studio is ready to help in all areas of idea development. From developing your idea to marketing it, the services available are top-notch and professional. Being our clients means you will work with a designer, develop your concept and watch as your idea becomes a very real and marketable invention. With easy to use state of the art technology we keep you involved during the entire process. Interact with our design team online and over the phone makes the process that much easier. You will also be able to access your project anytime, 24/7, leave your feedback and receive alerts on progress as we guide you until your invention is ready. All designs become the property of the inventor and Idea Design Studio takes no royalty from the inventor.


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About Idea Design Studio - Help With New Inventions
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About Idea Design Studio - Help With New Inventions
Find out more how to patent, protect and bring your new invention and idea to market with the experienced team at Idea Design Studio
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Idea Design Studio
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