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Idea Design Studio is a 100% confidential invention help firm that assists inventors in designs, development, protection and marketing tools to bring their new invention to market for sale or licensing! For over 10 years, inventors have brought us their original inventions, ideas, or improvements to existing products, and our creative staff has helped them realize their invention’s true potential.

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Idea Design Studio New Invention Spotlight: Superscreen

Idea Design Studio is constantly on the lookout for new inventions and ideas, and one that has caught our eye is Superscreen, created by Transcendent Designs. Imagine being able to take what’s being displayed on your phone, say watching a move or reading a book, and...

Idea Design Studio Celebrates Women’s History Month: Mary Kay Ash

It is Women’s History Month, and Idea Design Studio is looking at women that have made a difference in the entrepreneurial and invention fields. Idea Design Studio is known for their marketing, and this entrepreneur has made an empire based on great marketing. Join us...

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